Saturday, June 05, 2010

Almost done eating

I'm almost through my second plate of spaghetti bolognese, but I thought I'd blog about it first.

I'll try to make my next post more interesting.


Fatima said...


Dr. Qubit said...

Hello Bjørn.
I didn't find any way to contact you.
I'm Ivan. The creator of ANGLE engine.
I'm adding support to load Tiled maps.

Thorbjørn said...


I've responded on your task tracker. You should be able to find my email address in the AUTHORS file shipped with Tiled. :-)

Dr. Jeremy P. de Beer said...

Hello Thorbjorn

I also cannot find any other way to contact you (as I have not yet downloaded the Tiled Map Editor).

I am trying to develop a freeware healthcare education application and am wondering whether I could use your Tiled Map Editor to create various magnifications of my predesigned Schematic World Map (with its series of existing tiles)?

Please contact me at:

Maybe you can join our small team of volunteers showcased in my dedicated Facebook group (under Jeremy Peter de Beer)?

With kindest regards


valinanack said...

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