Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching up with my blog

So I tried to pick up blogging 5 years ago, but that didn't turn out so well. In this post I'll try to catch up a bit, mainly cause of an important announcement, to be made at the bottom. The picture above shows me at my girlfriend's, Fatima, in summer 2007, not too long after we met. Among other things, she got me into reading Terry Pratchett. In the picture I just found a nice hiding spot behind our two mattresses.

Fatima also helped me through the last months of writing my thesis about Digital Facilitation of Distributed Workshops. When the summer holiday was over, I got a job as Software Engineer at Trolltech (now Nokia, Qt Software). I decided to work in Berlin, so I could keep visiting Fatima.

Fast forward two years, during which Nokia bought Trolltech, Qt was released under LGPL and is now developed in an open git repository and Qt Creator, the project I'm involved in, sees the light (see the demonstration I did about the code completion). Thankfully I've also had time to make several new releases of The Mana World and Tiled (still my two favourite hobby projects). And still being happily together with Fatima, it was time for a celebration.

We went to see Under the Sea 3D in the IMAX theatre at the Sony Center. and we went out for dinner. Later that evening, I asked her to marry me; and she said yes! Now we haven't decided when yet, but at least we'll wait until Fatima has finished her studies.

The next day the weather was perfect for a nice picture of this now engaged couple.