Sunday, November 21, 2004

Everybody else is doing it.

Everybody seems to be keeping a blog these days, and today a friend persuaded Bjørn to start doing his own. Bjørn is 23 as of now, maybe it's a good age to start writing a blog, we'll see.

Bjørn thinks he doesn't have a lot to tell everybody and the chicken that might pass his blog. However, he has been working on several small RPG projects with friends and family, is hosting a website for independent RPG developers, is working on a Java tile map editor and has big plans (he calls them dreams) to produce the next big thing in free massive multiplayer gaming. So I say this guy is bound to have something interesting to tell the rest of us!

1 comment:

Georg Muntingh said...

I'm glad you started a weblog Bjørn. I'm looking forward to your posts!